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"What I love about this band is that they write from a place of depth, and they craft their songs based on those intentions and feelings - they don't seem to sit down and say 'let's write a country song, let's write something blue-rock', the concept and moment comes first, which gives them purpose, and a quickly unique vibe that runs throughout [their music]." - Rebecca Cullen, Founder & Editor,  

“They have a flow and groove that honestly, to me, is more important than anything production can fake!” - Nate Heltman, Panama Guitars

”They definitely have a nice Texas sound.” - Rob Ortiz, Risky Business Lockhart TX

“Down In The Mud represents (them) really well... (They) are really talented and I love the skills I hear in (their) music. Down In The Mud is a real winner.” - Jacqueline Jax,

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